About Us

What makes DEMOR HotSpot Treatment (DHST) different as an alternative application is an awareness that there is a complex system of electrical signals and chemical reactions each time the body moves. DHST aims to promote optimal recovery, wellness, functional capacity, and quality of movement. 

DHST is a unique system for reducing and eliminating strains and sprains that develop into injurious distress and discomfort to improve functional capacity. DHST is a comprehensive application that rids chemically bonded tissue, releasing immobile and inflexible tissue attached to joints.

Intro to DHST

I'm sure you want to know about me as I wish to know you. As I am in my legacy phase of life, my experiences range from the preparatory and occupational phase of life, where we take our early learning into a working occupation. Whether you are in the preliminary stage of employment or the working stage of your life, I want to introduce you to what I believe can be a new occupation for you. The foundation course for this new occupation is The Psychophysical Anatomy of Pain Release. The Psychophysical Anatomy of Pain Release course is the first step to becoming a DEMOR Treatment Practitioner and Specialist. Suppose you are exploring becoming a massage therapist, bodyworker, personal trainer, or practicing professional. In that case, this course will provide you with a scientific approach to bodywork that is structured and sequences of effort, so you will learn that the results are in the experience. Do the results you seek with your work provide:

  1. Orientation and motivation
  2. Doing something important
  3. Equitable compensation
  4. Educational Advancements

If any of the four items listed pertain to you, keep listening. We are experiencing a worldwide crisis with covid-19, and the weight carried by our mind and body entwined in emotions needs to be released. How can therapists or anyone concerned with distress and discomfort with various interlocking sensations help remove the entwinement of electrochemical bonds of energy? The critical factor is the extent to which our entwinement of emotional energy is on our mind and body. The Psychophysical Anatomy of Pain Release course results from forty years culminating in the last ten years of testing for the best structure and sequencing treatment for DEMOR HotSpot (DHS). If you are a little bit interested in knowing what a DHS is and how it can affect one's life, please take a moment to explore this course.



When things are not going as well as we want, we look for other solutions in our human nature. Instruction and training through DHST help you understand that life and time are inseparable, and how you manage and spend your time will affect how you will live your life. Work perhaps carries the most profound influence on everything in life. During the early stages of life, the family unit provided or should have provided instruction and training with direction and support—teaching and training with guidance and support incentives for growth.

DHST Psychophysical Anatomy of Pain Release is the foundation for understanding a new way of managing discomfort and pain. Since life is a time continuum of events, it is critical first to appreciate the effects of time in life. To reduce the conflicts between who you are now and who you want to become, you must understand that time is a linear process where events have occurred in irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. Therefore, if you are to make changes within your life, you will have to conduct discriminating accounts of how you have behaved in the past and how you are presently acting to change for the future.

When you can pinpoint and separate impulses that caused specific behavioral actions from your past or present, you can use this knowledge to manage future behavioral responses. Over the next twelve months, you will experience an integrative health approach for discomfort and pain, a system that determines its actual effectiveness. Whether a person is coping with PTSD, arthritis, or similar ailments, overused muscles from lack of movement results in developing neck, lower back, and associate discomforts and other types of pain. You will learn how to release these effects. DHST helps you to fully understand time in life, observing time in its linear form during which various conditions, processes, and actions have existed or will exist. By understanding these conditions, strategies, and activities, you will be able to observe the changes within you and manage behaviors that carry both adding and substracting consequences within you and others.